Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alpine Flowers in the Snow

In August when the South of France and indeed the Western United States where I grew up, bake under a hot sun and all vegetation turns yellow and brown, the high mountain valleys of Switzerland become bright green colored with wildflowers.

During the first few days of vacation in Switzerland, when the skies were cloudy and it often rained and snowed, I kept my camera lens to the ground on the delightful floral subjects.

Among the alpine flowers was Edelweiss, a flower I had never seen before. My specimens were not ideal but pushing out of the ice and snow next to wild bluebells, they evoked a certain beauty that I found exceptional.

Many other wild flowers were at their prime and the same or similar to those with which I am familiar from the Rocky Mountains and in particular, the wildflowers of central Idaho.

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Blogger Dagy said...

Bravo! You are profesional. When I see the photos I agree with those, who say: when you do something do it on 100% or at all. I think this is the american value! I wish I get it.

Edelweis you can find also by us in the Czech Rep. but of course without snow.

By the way, I had the same feeling being on holiday when I was in US and I had to work and do my laundry as well. C`est la vie!

Bone chance a tous tes prochains projects!

Fri Aug 18, 07:52:00 PM GMT+2  
Blogger Just Me in Paris said...

Thank you for the comment, Dagy. You must have a nice farm; I saw your blog. By the way, do you (or anyone else) think I should blog more about Paris or is it OK that I diverse a little and blog about my adventures outside Paris ?

Sun Aug 20, 08:12:00 PM GMT+2  
Blogger Dagy said...

Salut Dan, c`est une bonne remarque. It can surprise on a first moment, like me I was but Paris is a good eye-catcher. Whenever someone come to your blog you are the winner because they won`t be disappointed.

Ca m`a fait rire cet histoire avec les boulangeries fermees. C`est une melange du savoir vivre et du socialisme, n`est-ce pas?

Moi-meme personalement j`apprecierrais quelques informations du quartier Montparnasse. C`est mon quartier prefere. Est-ce qu`il y a encore la manege devant la gare?

A la prochaine

Wed Aug 23, 06:41:00 PM GMT+2  
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