Sunday, August 20, 2006

3 jours, 3 euros

3 jours, 3 euros

Today, Sunday, was the first day of 3 jours, 3 euros (3 days, 3 euros). All seats in all cinemas are three euros per person for August 20, 21 and 22, no matter what the film, no matter which cinema. Just during the most quiet period of mid-August when Parisiens are vacationing, this little Film Festival brings some excitement and indeed revenues to somewhat empty Parisian cinemas. There was no better film to see than Paris je t'aime, a film first shown at the Festival du Film à Cannes. This film was a mélange of 18 directors with just five minutes each to tell a story of Paris. There were many different styles and some I found much better than others but what I really enjoyed was viewing the Parisian neighborhoods I know from a film director's lens.

Special Paris Events

3 jours, 3 euros is one of the special things that the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë has done to raise the spirit of the city. Another event, Paris Plage, ended today after one month. I must admit that I did not get down to the Seine enough this year. I was away for two long weekends and frankly, the month of August has been quite chilly. Parking in Paris is free in August to encourage people to visit. Sure there are plenty of tourists but the city lacks the French. I will miss them until they really come back in September.

Paris Cinema

The French love films and eventhough the entry price is more than 9 euros ($11), the lines are normally long and it is necessary to arrive early. The quartier Montparnasse where I live is famous for it's cinemas, theatres and restaurants. At the cinamas there are special subscription prices for a booklet of tickets or special reductions through the place of work. For those who are in Paris in August and the weather is not ideal, 3 jours, 3 euros is a special little event that makes living in Paris a pleasure.

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